My Winter Curly Hair Routine and Products

Hello twirlies! Awhile ago on here I posted an explanation of dew points. However, I don't actually follow the standard guidelines that I summarized in that post; I more so made the video because someone requested it. So today I will share with you what I do with my curly hair when the colder weather comes. I live in North Carolina which does get slightly less humid in the colder months, but not terribly so so keep that in mind.

My winter curly hair routine includes:

  • Moisturizing my hair more! I find that my hair gets dryer in these months, whether it's from the low temperatures, in door heating, or dryer air. One way I like to combat this is by doing deep treatments. I like Curl Junkie Curl Rehab or As I Am Elation Hydration Conditioner. I like to always deep condition with heat, so I use my Hair Therapy Heat Cap.
  • In the shower I need a super mositurizing day to day conditioner to keep my hair strong and moisturized. For me that's Sally's Beauty Supply Generic Matrix Bioalge Conditioning Balm.
  • I use more moisture when styling my hair. I generally use way more leave in conditioner. My favorites include Kinky Curly Knot Today and As I Am Leave in.
  • I worry about frizz less! Because there is less humidity in the air my hair tends to frizz less; the frizzies are not being pulled outwards looking for moisture, because there is not usually much to look for. So I apply less (maybe a dime sized amount to each side of my hair) or Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper.
  • Going along with the last bullet, I use gels with less hold. Because it's less humid out, my hair needs less control. Some of the gels I like to use in the colder months include Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, Aussie Instant Freeze Gel, Pantene Curly Hair Curl Shaping Gel, and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel.
  • A downside of the decreased humidity is that I often get much looser curls. In order to amp up my curls when I need them looking extra good I will use a curl activator like AG Curl Re:coil and my blowdryer and diffuser (Revlon 1875W)
  • I love wearing my hair up in slouchy hats in the winter because it's such a great fix for a bad hair day. 
  • I also really enjoy braidouts because 1) it means I don't have to shower on cold mornings and 2) it's a style I can tuck into my hats until it's ready.

A braidout with Karen's Body Beautiful Creme

A braid out with Mahogany Naturals Leave in & Butter

That's all I have to say about my winter hair routine! Please leave your winter tips and products below in the comments. 

- Sarah @:-)