The Boyfriend Tag with Michael!

Hello curlies! So I know a lot of gurus on YouTube have been doing the boyfriend tag for quite awhile, so I finally got around to doing mine. And let's just say that I didn't want to do one of these until I was sure I wouldn't have to take it down later. ;)

I tag anyone else to do this with your significant other. Also check out my vlog channel videos with Mike on my second channel!

How did we meet?
How long have we been dating?
How/when did we meet the families?
She sits down to order a drink at a restaurant; what does she get?
What's her favorite cereal?
What was your first impression of her?
What is one special talent she has?
If she is eating a sandwhich was is it?
What type of dressing does she get on her salad?
She's watching TV; what show is on?

Thanks so much for watching girls! Feel free to leave any comments down below. If you would like to see Michael in any other videos let me know. :)

<3 Sarah @:-)boyfriend,