Growing Long Hair / Hip Length Hair Goal Met!

Hello curlies! Today I am going to share a bit about my hair growth experience with y'all. I recently reached hip length hair when stretched and I am very happy about that. I'll bring you guys through my length journey (in photos) in this post. And if you want to know I grew out my hair this long, makes sure to watch my "Tips on Growing Long Hair Fast" video that's out on YouTube.

Ok. Let's start at sort of the beginning. So very early in YouTube career, and about five years ago I cut off my hair for the second time and went for a shoulder length bob. This was actually my second time doing this, as I did it a long time ago when I first started to follow the Curly Girl method (first photo). 

2007 - note my ridiculous glasses


5/2009 - this bob is so cute. it was cut by Kim who works at an Aveda salon in Lexington, KY.

Flash forward seven months and my hair has already grown to a few inches below my shoulders. I know- I'm sorry. My hair grows like a weed, y'all. XD I guess you could call this the beginning of my journey to hip length hair, but I really wasn't too focused on length then. I was just making hair videos and having fun with my hair.


There are a lot of haircuts between the end of 2009 and when I really started to focus on growing out my hair to a long length.  Exhibit A is below. These cuts did not help me grow my hair longer, but just held me back, because although I love this stylist, she always chopped off several inches.

2010 - After a DevaCut by April Couse Walker at Salon Sabeli (Cornelius, NC)

At the beginning of 2011 I started to get serious about growing out my hair and I made my first length check video. I was really excited and my goals were to grow it as long as possible.

1/2011 - when I started my length check videos
Later in 2012 I posted another length check and I learned how to self trim my hair. But then towards the end of the year I got another DevaCut. And *surprise surprise* I was set back again on my length journey. I was positive about the cut, and I stated in a video I made at that time that I wasn't concerned with length too much. But something in my head had unconsciously clicked. Although my hair was growing and it was healthy, my stylist continued to take 3-4 inches off every visit. So I knew... I can't get my hair professionally cut and expect it to grow.

spring 2012

one of my first self trims - summer 2012

another great DevaCut by April - winter 2012
So after that cut in late 2012, I stopped going to the salon. I relied on my self-trimming skills which I learned from the Curly Girl book. And lo and behold my hair grew at its usual weed like speed! Somewhere in 2012 I hit waist length, which was awesome. And then in 2013 I hit hip length. It only took me about a year and a half to go from bra-strap length to hips (when stretched)! But as you, dear blog reader, know I started this journey four years ago by cutting all my hair off, which I had already done two years before that. So it's time again, once the warm weather rolls around, for a short cut. This is the cycle of my hair. So don't be too sad about it. :) 

winter 2012 - freshly henna'd hair
summer 2013

nearly hip length?? - september 2013
september 2013

december 2013

december 2013 - hips

december 2013 - hips!

As a blog or YouTube follower, thank you for coming along on this journey with me so far. I wish y'all the best of luck on your hair journeys. And remember hair is just hair. Any length of wavy, curly, or kinky hair can be beautiful with the proper care. You just have to learn to love YOUR hair. <3

Wishing you a good hair day and a happy new year,
Sarah @:-)

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