Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What HAIR PRODUCTS do you use?

This is probably the most asked question on my YouTube channel. What products am I using currently, or what products would I recommend? These are it! I try to keep this fairly well updated.

You will also see most of these mentioned (non-high end) in the Curly Girl Method Beginner's Kit video:

Shampoo that's used occasionally: 

  • Shea Moisture Curl n Shine Shampoo (Target, drugstores)
  • DevaCurl No Poo (ULTA,
  • Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo (
Conditioner wash: 
  • Suave naturals coconut or ocean breeze conditioner (drugstore)
  • Giovanni triple tea treat conditioner (whole foods, target, ULTA)
  • Tressemme naturals nourishing conditioner (drugstore)
Rinse out conditioner: 
  • Sally's GVP matrix biolage conditioner balm (sally's beauty supply)
  • Andalou naturals citrus shine conditioner (life pharmacy in the UAE)
  • L'oreal total repair masque and conditioner (drugstore in the UAE)
Leave in: 
  • Kinky curly knot today (whole foods, Target, or
  • As I Am Naturally Leave in Conditioner (sally's beauty supply)
Frizz fighter: 
  • Curly hair solutions curl keeper (
  • CVS Generic Personal Lubricant or KY Lubricant (drugstores)
  • Aussie instant freeze gel (drugstore) - for lower dew points (0-30 F)
  • LA Looks Sport gel (drugstore) - year round
  • Original Moxie Hold Up Serum (
  • Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel (

Deep Treatments

Home remedies

  • Conditioner + brown sugar mixture for exfoliating dry, flaky scalp
  • Aloe vera for soothing/moisturizing dry or itchy scalp
  • Lemon juice rinses for clarification, shine, and resetting PH

What's your HAIR TYPE?
3a/3b, low to medium porosity, medium thickness with a lot of it

The video linked below is a great place to start if you are new to my videos and curious about how I care for my hair. I walk through my routine/products/various basic videos step by step.

My styling routine and how I apply products has not changed in years. Please check out the video:

How do you DRY YOUR HAIR?
Most days I "plop" or put my hair up in a t-shirt:
But I might also use a diffuser and a blowdryer with this method:

MacBook webcam - used for the low quality videos
Canon PowerShot A496 - better quality videos ( but grainy) before february 2012
Canon SX40 - autofocus and HD quality videos; after March 20, 2012

My first recommendation is always going to be to learn about and try the curly girl method!
Of if you prefer to read about the CG method, check out mywritten, step-by-step guide on wikiHow.

I'm always open to video requests, so please let me know if you have one, while keeping in mind:
  • Don't forget to SEARCH MY VIDEOS FIRST! I have made over 100 videos about curly hair, so it's always possible that I have already made the video you are requesting. My videos are organized into playlist on my channel page, and there is a search box in the upper right.
  • You are welcome to suggest products for review, but I don't review hair products that contain silicones or sulfates (aka non-curly girl products.) Also I am a college student, so I don't have the budget to try out tons of different high end brand products, or even all the drugstore products I would like to try. :) Good hair care is about the principles behind the products and knowing the ingredients, not necessarily specific product brands.
  • I can only give so much advice for people that don't have curly hair similar to my own. I'm sorry, but I can't make a video about wavy hair, kinky hair, oily hair, or short hair etc... because I don't have that kind of hair!

Feel free to ask me questions! :) I created my Facebook page to be a place where people could ask questions, as well as a place for others to weigh in. If you don't feel comfortable posting a question on my Facebook wall, you can also send me a Private Message on Facebook or send an email to waterlilyvlogs -at- I like answering questions and I don't find them annoying... but please keep in mind:
  • If you are asking for general help with your hair please EXPLAIN YOUR CURRENT HAIR ROUTINE, the products you're using, how you apply them, specifically what problems you have, etc. I can't give you a diagnosis without any symptoms to work with! :)
  • Please take a look at the FAQ and search through my videos beforehand. And if I refer you to a video please watch it in its entirety. I dislike being made to "spoon feed" someone the same information that is already in a video I have provided. Of course I am happy to explain things further or in a different way, AFTER someone has watched the video.
  • If you want me to determine whether a product is Curly Girl method approved or not, please send me a link where the ingredients are listed or an INGREDIENTS LIST. I do not know whether every product brand that has every been made is CG or not. ;)


Wishing you a good hair day,