My Week in Photos / 01.26.14 - 02.02.14

Hey guys! I've been meaning to bring a new series onto the blog for awhile where I share my photos of the week with you. Just a nice little recap! I'm in my third? Or fourth week of classes now. :)

My flexi rod set on dry hair came out nicely. And you've gotta love a red lip. 

Pampering my hair with Nubian Heritage products and my eyes with these cool Leaders mask things.

Michael and I went into Charlotte for the day to do job search stuff and go shopping. <3

It's snowed where I live which is rare!

My new robe from Amazon.💜

Nails! Essie going incognito for the green and an identifiable bronze by wet n wild.

Lots of studying of Arabic vocabulary. :P

My makeup for my new empties video. Red lips + winged eyeliner.

My new glasses! Something new...

Some Cinnapie on Super Bowl Sunday. Mmm!

Whew! What a packed week, but it was lots of fun. Hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start.

Wishing you a good hair day,

Sarah @:-)